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A perfect lawn

The perfect English lawn is a mark of hard work mowing, watering and, unfortunately, polluting our planet with chemicals.

Now, however, we have firmly stepped into the future, in which our hallowed English lawns need no watering, nor endless mowing nor environmental harming pesticides to keep them pristine.

We all want to make life easier for ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining our home. There are countless benefits to having artificial grass installed in your garden. The best part of switching to artificial grass? Your children can play all day on the grass and not get muddy; pets don't leave unsightly stains marked when they go to the toilet; and your gardener can retire because you never need to mow the lawn.

Reduce your water bill & save precious water

Straw-like and yellow - a common look of lawns suffering the hotter, drier summer months. To keep a lawn green and springy takes water - a commodity that is expensive and sometimes unavailable. Watering is also hard work. It takes hours. During hose pipe bans it is illegal to use sprinklers, so a back-jarring mission with a watering can puts even more strain on you to keep together a healthy lawn.

In some hot countries up to 550 litres of water per person per day is used, compared to a global average of 250 litres per person per day. One of the reasons for high use in this country is the amount of water used to keep the country green.

You could enjoy up to 70 per cent savings on your water bill if you choose artificial grass. The cost of laying artificial grass may be more than laying turf, but in just three or four years your water bill savings will see returns on your investment. There is also very little outlay other than annual maintenance by the experts to keep your artificial grass in tip-top condition. With artificial grass, there's no need to drain precious water resources to keep the garden looking good.

More time to relax

Once your new lawn is installed, you car(trade in your mower and stop worrying about watering. All you need to do is clear the leaves off and occasionally give it a quick brush and spray. Or you can simply call in the experts. We can give it a makeover for you.

Great for tenants & landlords

There are common problems with natural grass in rented properties. Tenants may worry about water costs and the drag of mowing a I.awn which is not theirs. As a landlord, however, you want the place to be kept in good condition. An artificial lawn is a great solution for both parties.

You keep your home looking good, and you can attract tenants who do not want to be a slave to the home they only rent and not own.

The solution to the shaded areas

It's common for grass to become brown and moss-covered in shaded areas, such as under a large tree. Real grass needs direct sunlight, whereas Best Artificial Grass does not need any sun to stay looking good. Your Artificial grass garden is guaranteed to be green all over, year-round.

Are you often working or on holiday?

For the cruiser or the jet setter, a real lawn can be a real bother. If you regularly travel for work, or just like to holiday, you know having a garden of natural grass is a big responsibility. Natural grass needs watering and looking after. Imagine being able to close your garden door and leave knowing that when you come home the lawn will be green and as short as when you left. With Best Artificial Grass it will be as perfect as when you left.

Throw away harmful pesticides

Keeping a natural lawn green and moss-free not only takes dedication, mowing and watering, it also requires using harmfull pesticides and herbicides that filter through the soil and drain into the waterways. These chemicals kill, pollute and pose potential health threats to people, even those who may not even have a lawn.



The thought of dragging a lawn mower to the front for those awkward grass areas can make you wish for an easier solution. Best Artificial Grass has that answer and an artificial lawn area will brighten and bring to life even the most awkward of areas to maintain.

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