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Artificial Grass Maintenance

The artificial grass market has grown tremendously in the last 5 years with consumers understanding the benefits of a low maintenance lawn.

HOWEVER, it must be emphasised that LOW MAINTENANCE is not NO MAINTENANCE.

Some professional grass companies give clear advice on aftercare including hints how best to maintain the surface but unfortunately most Internet based companies, jobbing landscapers and do it yourselves give no thought to aftercare. Remember you would not buy a car and never clean it or install carpets or any flooring in your home and not clean it and then there’s pets and transient animals that visit your garden at night. Bottom line, your investment does need cleaning, re-freshing and sanitising from time to time even in the wettest of our winters.

We recommend that your lawn is deep cleansed at least every 2 years. This can be done as a one-off price dependent on condition and the last time it was professionally cleaned. A deep cleanse would entail tending all borders and removal of worm casts, removing debris. A deep brush using specialist equipment to remove all debris that would have built up in the pile and sit on the rubber backing. Removing surface weeds / moss that may be germinating in the kiln dried sand infill. Sanitising the surface (especially important if you are a dog lover!) and finally re-vitalising the surface with mechanical brushes.


You can opt to sign up to our platinum service whereby you pay a set amount monthly based on the square meterage of the surface and we visit 3 times a year at 4 monthly intervals to maintain your lawn for you giving you that extra time to tend shrubs etc or simply enjoy your garden.






The thought of dragging a lawn mower to the front for those awkward grass areas can make you wish for an easier solution. Best Artificial Grass has that answer and an artificial lawn area will brighten and bring to life even the most awkward of areas to maintain.

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